Granites tiles are a popular flooring choice because of their overall resiliency, strength and a number of unique colour options. We at Glittek offer 100% natural granite in polished, honed and flamed surface finishing. We have the perfect granite tiles for every flooring project, be it residential or commercial.

Type Granite
Stone Form Tile
Color Black, White, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Gray, Violet
Surface Finishing Polished, honed, flamed
Material 100% Natural Granite, Tiles
Usage Exterior Decoration, Interior Decoration, Outdoor Decoration
Width 300x300mm; 301x301mm; 400x400mm; 457x457mm, 301x601mm
Height 10mm; 12mm; 12.5mm, 20mm
Packaging Details Tiles will be packed in styrofoam or cardboard boxes, in wooden crates.

Glittek Granites

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